Suffolk Youth Music 1982-1994


Suffolk Youth Music helped me escape from the mediocrity of 1980s Lowestoft state-school hell and opened up a world of excitement, opportunity and great music-making. There is little to no chance that I would have been able to become a professional musician and then a music teacher without the opportunities that Suffolk Youth Music gave me and I want others to have the same opportunities.

Suffolk Youth Music 1987-1991


I am currently a high school lead teacher in music. In syo I was lead second violin from 1989 - 1991 and again in 1993. I have played in shows as well and went to Brettin Hall for my degree.

Suffolk Youth Music 1986-1993


I came to Suffolk in 1979 having played in Buckinghamshire County Youth when younger. I did actually play with Phillip Shaw at one point at that time.  When I moved to Lowestoft in 1988 I joined Waveney Sinfonia for whom I continue to play and my children all played at Saturday music school with Mr Green and Sue (horn player) from the County Music Service. I helped out every weekend. Sadly my daughters no longer play but my son is a drummer and subsequently went to Southbank to study music composition, recently culminating in him having composed the entire music for an electric car stunt show in Macau, China and spending some 6 months there. 

When I returned to Bury St Edmunds in 2002, I then joined Suffolk Sinfonia which I subsequently chaired for 6 years prior to spending a year in Saudi Arabia and on my return continue to play weekly. 

I consider myself incredibly privileged to still play as I am not a music graduate and achieved Grade 8 piano and cello (a long time ago!). I’m also very good at sight reading which is very beneficial. 

I have played for Trianon both with Chris Green and Adrian Brown (resident conductor for Waveney Sinfonia) and have over the years played for Ruthie Hensall in Ipswich, Beccles Operatic and John Roper in Yarmouth.

Supported SYM during the 1980's and 1990's


Suffolk Youth Music 1986-1990


I was in Suffolk Youth Orchestra (and South Suffolk Youth Orchestra) from 1989 to 1992 (roughly) and so was my sister Ruth Aldred (violin & piano). My first SYO course was the last Matlock where I played percussion (the taxi horns in Gershwin's "An American in Paris"!) During that course Paul Bliss auditioned me for the trumpet section and I joined the section the following. I have very fond memories of orchestra tours with SYO, all my fellow orchestra members and the staff, from playing a concert in searing heat somewhere in France (bassoons melting and violin strings pinging all over the place!), my first taste of beer, and sleeping in a field! There were some spine chilling musical moments too, the terrifying trumpet solo in Mahler 5 and goose bumps from playing Fanfare for the Common Man! I haven't pursued music as a career; and professional training, 3 children and a more or less full-time job have prevented me from being able to keep it up at an amateur level. I am happy for the time being to support my own children who all show some musical flare and are making good use of Birmingham's fantastic music service. Who knows once they've all gone maybe I'll dust off my trumpet - God help the neighbours!

South Suffolk Youth Orchestra & Suffolk Youth Orchestra 1989 - 1992


Will studied at Leiston High School and joined the Suffolk Youth Orchestra in 1987.  He then studied Business and Finance at Essex and Northumbria Universities.  Whilst he didn’t follow a career in music, he passionately believes that it was his involvement with music and the Suffolk Youth Orchestra, in particular, that gave him the confidence, drive and persistence to run successful companies in the health and social care sector.  He is currently Chief Executive of Frantec Ltd.

North SYO 1985-1989 Suffolk Youth Orchestra 1987-1990


Rachel (nee Pawsey) joined SYWB almost from its inception and played continuously (trumpet) until graduating from university with a BSc in Maths and Management from Royal Holloway in 1997. Other hobbies took over from music for some time but having moved to Rutland, she picked up the trumpet and began playing with Rutland Sinfonia. She is now a regular player and Chair of the orchestra and secretary of Arts4Rutland, Rachel also plays with the Bardi Symphonic Wind Orchestra in Leicester and Stamford Chamber Orchestra, as well as the occasional outing with Peterborough Symphony! For a day job, Rachel is a Quality, Health and Safety Manager for an Environmental Services company. The time with SYM is one that will never be forgotten and the opportunity to tour so many places was amazing.

Suffolk Youth Wind Band 1988 - 1996


I grew up in Felixstowe and went to Ipswich High School. I started playing the violin aged 8. I attended the Suffolk CMS Saturday morning music school at Bolton Lane, Ipswich, aged 8 and joined the South Suffolk Junior String Orchestra a year later. Age 10 I changed to the viola and joined the South Suffolk Youth Orchestra. My first concert with the Suffolk Youth Orchestra was in 1989, age 12, and I went on to lead the viola section until 1992. I left Suffolk to study viola and piano at the Royal College of Music and have enjoyed a career as a violist in London, Barcelona and currently Los Angeles, where I work mostly as a session musician as well as teaching. I'm very grateful for the excellent training and experience that I received from Suffolk CMS that prepared me for music college and working as an orchestral musician.

Suffolk Youth Music 1985-1994


I began playing trumpet at the age of 10 and joined North Suffolk Youth Orchestra in 1989 and Suffolk Youth Orchestra in 1991. I took my degree in Music with Arts Management at Dartington College of Arts. After 21 years in relatively rural surroundings I moved to London to begin work as an orchestra administrator. This was followed by a sideways move into being a PA in schools which gave me my free time back to play my trumpet with a local orchestra in north London and some staff and pupil ensembles at my place of work. I moved back to Suffolk in 2006 following the birth of my daughter. A couple of insane years of commuting daily from Woodbridge to London followed until my son was born. I now work part-time in Woodbridge and the demands of this, coupled with family life which involves caring for my autistic son means I sadly have little time to play music any more. I have wonderful memories of my time with Suffolk Youth Music which gave my experiences and friendships I would never had had otherwise. It formed a huge part of my 'growing-up' and I am happy and proud to support SMART now.

North Suffolk Youth Orchestra & Suffolk Youth Orchestra 1989-1994


SYM 1986-1990


Originally from Lakenheath and went to school in Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds. Studied violin with teachers including Olga Wilson, Frederick Grimke, Manoug Parikian and Glyn Parfitt and benefited enormously from county music. 
After music college I freelanced with London orchestras including Royal Philharmonic, London Philharmonic, City Of London Sinfonia, Orchestra of St John's Smith Square, London Concertante and also other orchestras across the UK including Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Scottish Chamber Ensemble and National Symphony Orchestra to name but a few. Leader of City Strings Orchestra and Universal Film Orchestra. 
I have also had a career with the top session orchestras in London playing on a stack of pop/rock/dance tracks and loads of film soundtracks.  I worked, toured and recorded with Spice Girls, Madonna, Take That, Oasis, Paul Weller, Kylie Minogue, David Gray, Morcheeba and many more.

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