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#RosieRides2020 Blog 2 - Suffolk

As Rosie progresses through her cycling challenge, we are sitting down with her (virtually) to find out more about her. In this week's blog , we catch up with Rosie about the county of Suffolk and what memories she has of growing up there.

Rosie spent the first 18 years of her life in Suffolk. She was born in Ipswich Hospital and lived just down the road from there - she could see the hospital from her bedroom window!

Rosie attended Britannia Primary School and then progressed to Ipswich High School. She left Suffolk when she finished school and went on to study music at Southampton University, and now lives in Gloucestershire with her family.

Rosie's favourite place in Suffolk is Snape Maltings, the concert hall in which Suffolk Youth Music ensembles regularly perform. "It felt almost like a second home when I was in SYO and it's such a special place to perform."

Rosie returned to Suffolk for SMART Sinfonia's performance at Latitude Festival in July 2019. Of Suffolk, Rosie says, "I still love going back to Suffolk. It will always be a special place, and 'where I'm from'. I have so many good memories and most of my family still live there."

We look forward to seeing Rosie again in person when we are able to arrange our next SMART Sinfonia activity and contribute to bringing live music back to Suffolk - fingers crossed this is sooner rather than later!

Check back next Saturday when we will be speaking to Rosie about her relationship with music.

You can donate to Rosie's cycling challenge here:

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