“It is not only a huge financial burden lifted, but a very welcome recognition of the commitment, effort and progress they have made so far…It's a real boost that will help sustain and propel them going forward. SMART has offered an otherwise unobtainable opportunity to participate in orchestras and ensembles and continue with lessons. The benefits they have gained socially and in personal confidence is noticeable; improved confidence has helped improve their academic attainment and how they mix with others.”

- Parent of Scholar

“He plays the flute beautifully and is keen to play to family, neighbours, and anyone else that would like to hear him! He has said that he is really enjoying flute and he is looking forward to learning how to read music properly.”

- Parent of grant recipient

“He is making fantastic progress…performing his first ever solo piece at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in their public lunchtime recital series back in July.”

- Teacher of grant recipient