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SMART’s mission is to support the young people of Suffolk to access high quality music and arts opportunities. We strongly believe that all young people should have access to artistic opportunities, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, religious beliefs, race or ethnicity. 


We acknowledge that diversity enhances the arts sector and drives innovation. We aim to address the underrepresentation of certain communities within the arts through our grant making. We are committed to being open and honest with our members, to work with the communities we represent to improve, and to embed diversity and inclusion in the heart of all that we do.


The charity aims to be welcoming, open to all, and to be equal and inclusive. We will always comply with the Equality Act (2010) and make reasonable adjustments to ensure everyone can take part in our events, and our communication strategies will always be clear, accurate and comprehensive.


As a small charity run entirely by volunteers, we encourage and welcome feedback and input from our members to improve our diversity, inclusion and accessibility.

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