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#RosieRides2020 Blog 1 - Cycling

As Rosie progresses through her cycling challenge, we are sitting down with her (virtually) to find out more about her. We start our blog series with one of Rosie's favourite topics - cycling!

When asked 'Why do you love cycling?', Rosie said, 'There are loads of reasons - it is great exercise, you can go almost anywhere, and you see so much more than if you were in a car!' You can see some of these beautiful views in some of our previous posts.

Rosie began her love of cycling at a young age. Her earliest memory of cycling and bikes was her mum. Rosie's mum always cycled to work and used to take Rosie to school in a seat on the back of her bike! Rosie's children are sadly a little too big for that now, but still join Rosie when she is out cycling! (Check out our post for Day 8 and 9 which feature Rosie's daughter, Sophie.)

Rosie got into cycling as an adult as a means of getting fitter - she tried running but was a bit rubbish, so gave cycling a go! Her more 'serious' cycling started a few years ago when she moved to Gloucestershire. She now cycles three or four times a week but, during lockdown, she's been able to get out almost every day.

In her role as Director of Music at Wycliffe College, teaching remotely during lockdown has been really tough, but Rosie says that 'having a cycle to look forward to has made a huge difference to me...I get fresh air and head-clearing time!'

Check back next Saturday for another blog as we find out more about Rosie and her memories of Suffolk.

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