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#RosieRides2020 Day 25-28

It's the final push. We are on the home straight. With just three days left of Rosie's challenge, we have raised £400 for SMART! Thank you for your generosity. Can you help us get to £500 by Friday?

Rosie has continued cycling every day to keep the miles clocking up and her total now stands at 380 miles - do you think she'll hit 400 by the end of the month?

Day 25 was a quick 10 miles on the turbo, followed by a 15 mile trip to the River Severn and back on Day 26, all before 9:30am!

Another quick 10 miles on the turbo on the evening of Day 27 added to the total.

Day 28 saw Rosie take her old road bike out for a spin. She's done some work on it and changed the tyres over the lockdown so her son, Alex, can join her on rides. This has been a really family challenge! The old bike carried Rosie for 11 miles around her local wheat fields.

Make sure you look out for out next post for pictures of Rosie completing the 2018 RideLondon event and to see if we hit 400 miles and £500.

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