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#RosieRides2020 Day 8 and 9

The great British summer has lived up to its infamous qualities for a lot of July so far and, despite best intentions to get outside for a ride, Rosie was defeated by the rain and did 10 miles inside on the turbo on Day 8.

However, things turn a positive turn as Rosie was joined by nearly-8-year-old daughter, Sophie, for an 11 mile ride Day 9.

This brings Rosie's mileage total to 138.5 miles - nearly half way and we are only 9 days in!

Thanks to your generosity, we have exceeded our original target of £300 - thank you! We want to raise as much money as possible for the young people of Suffolk and so we are increasing our fundraising target to £500!

In times like these, we know that many of those working in the arts may be struggling financially with the majority of musicians and artists being freelance or furloughed. But, every penny counts, so please donate if you can!

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